Global Demography, Fiscal Collapse, Government Spending and Debt


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Prof Philip Booth (St. Mary’s University, Twickenham/London)

This lecture deals with the connection between demographics, fiscal collapse, government spending and public debt. The speaker illustrates these connections using concrete figures and asks about the causes. Naturally, the outlook is not particularly optimistic. The liberal economist Philip Booth, who is very much inspired by F. A. von Hayek, is also a specialist in Christian social teaching – a unique combination.

This lecture was given at the AUSTRIAN ACADEMY 2022 “Market economy and entrepreneurship – their contribution to a free and humane society”. Participants of the multi-day event were 21 students and young professionals who were selected on the basis of an application process and received a full scholarship from the Austrian Institute, the organizer of the event, in cooperation with the Friedrich A. von Hayek Society and also supported by the Federation of Austrian Industries (IV).

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