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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Austrian Institute of Economics and Social Philosophy (the Austrian Institute) is a private, non-profit organization, which makes the case for individual liberty and free markets from an economic, social, and moral perspective, aiming to bring these into broader public consideration. In this way, the Institute seeks to foster and promote an entrepreneurial spirit in all sectors of society.

The Austrian Institute is dedicated to the dissemination of the principles of classical liberalism in the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics, as well as other consistently market-oriented and freedom-based approaches.

The target audience of the Austrian Institute is anyone interested in learning more about the Austrian School of Economics, regardless of age, educational background, or religious affiliation. The Institute intends to promote a better understanding of basic economic relationships, their social implications, and the vital role of entrepreneurs in fostering these relationships. It especially aims at spreading among Christians and those in the ecclesiastical sphere the insight that the goals of Christian ethics can be better achieved under true capitalism and a free market economy.

The Austrian Institute is politically and religiously independent.


Prof. Dr. Martin Rhonheimer

Prof. Dr. Martin Rhonheimer


Professor of Ethics and Political Philosophy at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome (1990-2020), since 2020 Visiting Professor

Mag. Gerold Rauscher


Independent attorney, Vienna

Mag. Stefan Beig

Freelance journalist in Vienna

Mag. Eva Demmerle

Fundraising, Public Relations

Historian, Communications Consultant (Feldafing / Munich)

Thomas D. Howes, PhD

Research Fellow

Lecturer in Politics
Princeton University (USA)

Kira Howes

English-Language Translator

Freelance Translator and Editor (USA)

Lisa-Marie Müller, B.Sc. B.A.

Academy Manager

Assistant to the CFO in an NGO, student of international business administration in Vienna

Christian Bonn, MA MBA

Research assistant, alumni coordinator

PhD student (political theory and history of ideas)

Martin Prikoszovich

IT, Webmaster, Social Media

Magenta, Vienna

Prof. Dr. Jörg Guido Hülsmann

Scientific Adviser

Professor of Economics, University of Angers, France


The Austrian Institute promotes the ethical ideal of individual responsibility and self-determination in the context of a free market economy and an entrepreneurial society, which can develop for the benefit of everyone – without government interference or the bureaucratic paternalism of the welfare state.

In pursuit of this ideal, the work of the Institute specifically targets audiences of diverse perspectives and creative potential. Its research and educational activities, both theoretical and practical, aim at:

  • Raising awareness that the possibility of freely pursuing one’s personal goals is neither limited to a particular elite nor does it contradict the promotion of the common good.
  • Encouraging the practical application and implementation of the Institute’s ethical ideal in entrepreneurial activities and through charitable endeavours.
  • Making this ideal present in the public square and in public debates.

The Austrian Institute pursues these objectives by organizing seminars and workshops, generating scholarly studies on key economic and philosophical issues, as well as publishing opinion pieces and editorial statements on current issues; providing online and other information services; and supporting the practical application and implementation of the training it provides. It makes available information about current events, explains relevant background issues, and provides people with the knowledge to better understand contemporary issues.

Our principles

Austrian Institute Prinzipien

The following are the economic and philosophical principles of the Austrian Institute:

  • Political and economic freedom — especially as expressed in a free market economy and free enterprise system based on the rule of law, which enforces the same rules for everybody and ensures the protection of private property — are both basic conditions for a just and humane society, and are the most efficient way to overcome global poverty and underdevelopment.
  • The traditional Christian ideals of justice and solidarity can only be realized if they are guided by sound economic principles, which promote the entrepreneurial potential of all people — including the poorest.
  • Specifically, the Austrian Institute is committed to the following principles, which draw inspiration from Christian social teaching and the Western tradition of natural law:
    • The common good is a principle for legal order and the enforcement of legal rules.
    • Private property (and its legal protection) is an indispensable pre-condition to allow all mankind to enjoy the Earth’s goods, and to help people from all social conditions to achieve prosperity.
    • The principle of subsidiarity, which limits the power and activity of governments and state bureaucracies, and highlights the central role of the family and of free entrepreneurship.
    • The principles of solidarity and participation, which lead individual members of society to join together in voluntary cooperation – especially to meet their social needs and for the good of the community – and subject public decision-making to efficient democratic control.

When combined with the contributions of the Austrian School of Economics, these principles attain greater theoretical and practical accuracy, while simultaneously complementing and enriching the social philosophy of the Austrian School.

All of these principles are supported by a fundamental understanding of the human person as a being created in the image and likeness of God, and who is called to participate freely and responsibly through work and entrepreneurial activities in the divine plan of creation. Despite the Judaeo-Christian inspiration for this view, it is the patrimony of Western Civilization in general and, as such, can be equally shared by all faithful Christians, people of other faiths, and non-believers.


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