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Coronavirus Crisis: The Potential Harm of Damage Compensation

We could be facing the biggest economic crisis of all time. Will politicians be able to learn the lessons from this and use the crisis as an opportunity for a new beginning in economic and public health policy?
by Rahim Taghizadegan
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The Alternate Universe of Anti-Capitalist Coronavirus Experts

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, during which the state is now called upon to protect the population and keep economic life going, anti-capitalist recriminations are once again spreading.
by Stefan Beig
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Defend Globalization!

For critics of globalization the main culprit of the Coronavirus epidemic is "neoliberalism" and globalization. On the contrary, globalization is particularly helpful now, among other things because it reduces regional dependencies.
by Florian A. Hartjen
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“Stimulating the economy”—a destructive remedy

Should the State enhance the “aggregate demand” through stimulation? Followers of Hayek still have very good arguments against that proposal, but the politicians love Keynes
by Beat Kappeler
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The developments in China over the past four decades demonstrate: "The rich don't get rich at the expense of the poor." By Rainer Zittelmann in Forbes.21. January 2020

Erhard's insight that a market economy generates a fair real wage seems to have become increasingly overruled in the European Monetary Union, writes Gunther Schnabl in the Cato Journal.

15. January 2020
Chile's Economic Model Is a Success Story in Crisis-Prone South America. The root causes of Chile’s ongoing protests are still being hotly debated. 12. December 2019
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