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Capitalism, Socialism and Our Future: Video of the Lecture by Peter J. Boettke in Vienna

The debate between capitalism and socialism is more topical than ever. Which is the relevance of this debate for the future of capitalism, the market economy and liberal economic policy? Watch the video of the entire event.
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Politics Is Not about the Friend-Enemy Distinction, but a Struggle for the Rule of Law

Since Putin’s war against Ukraine, the West once again has a clear enemy. Many now recall Carl Schmitt, who saw the essence of the political in the distinction between friend and enemy. But that is too simplistic.
By Martin Rhonheimer
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The ECB Faces a Predicament, the Euro an Impasse

With the now obvious failure of the ECB’s inflationary low interest rate policy, things are now also bad for the euro. The “whatever it takes” approach to saving the euro has reached a point where a reconsideration is necessary.
By Gunther Schnabl
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The Governments Were Financed Through by the Printing Press, And Now We Have Inflation

The rise in inflation does not fall from the sky. Inflation means general devaluation of money, not an increase in individual prices. It is the result of the money glut of the last several decades. Avoiding the dramatic consequences could make things uncomfortable.
By Beat Kappeler
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Karl Marx would not be a household name if not for the Russian Revolution, so argue Phil Magness and Michael Makovi.24. November 2022
Population decline is likely to create some serious issues in the United States and elsewhere, argues economist Jesús Fernández-Villaverde.8. January 2022
The right to private property is not a “second-tier” natural right, says Martin Rhonheimer whose article has been re-published in an abridged version by Public Discourse.
25. September 2021
The knowledge problem can't be solved with artificial intelligence, argues economist Jesús Fernández-Villaverde.5. August 2021
Downplaying the role of lay disagreement about matters of Catholic Social Teaching is a mistake, argues Samuel Gregg.7. May 2021
"Regime uncertainty" contributed significantly to the length of the Great Depressionexplains George Selgin.27. April 2021
Despite the disadvantages of the term 'capitalism', it rightly highlights the central place of capital in a market economy, writes Steven Horwitz.6. April 2021
Despite the claims of many economists, empirical research still favors the assumption that hikes in the minimum wage lead to substantial job loss.23. March 2021
Protective tariffs are likely to blame for the soaring costs of building materials in the U.S., as Scott Lincicome from the Cato Institute shows.23. March 2021
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