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What Do Families Contribute to the Social Welfare System?

In Austria, health care and long-term care benefits are the most important public programs aimed mainly at the elderly population.
by Bernhard Binder-Hammer
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Racism: On the Bad and “Good” Kinds of Prejudicial Suspicion

The current hysteria about racism obscures the real problems—creating an obstacle for those who actually want to help.
by Rainer Zitelmann
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The Bolivian Fairy Tale – The Illusory Success of “21st Century Socialism”

An apparently booming economy blinded economists and politicians and obscured the view of a regime that was in reality authoritarian and corrupt.
by Juan D. Estevez
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Is the Pope Calling for a Universal Basic Income?

Recently Pope Francis called for reflection on a "universal basic income". But in reality he means something completely different.
by Martin Rhonheimer
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The coronavirus pandemic is not the reason for France’s and Italy’s poor economic health, it simply exposes pre-existing conditions that have been around for a long time.20. July 2020
Coronavirus is no excuse for surrendering to the Left on economics, underlines economist Philipp Booth.19. July 2020
The main reason Amazon does not pay much in taxes is because the company so vigorously reinvests its profit.10. July 2020
The media makes is look like Trump is proposing lots of spending cuts. That would be great news … if it was true. In fact, the debt is increasing.11. February 2020
Many intellectuals are offended by the idea of capitalism. Rainer Zitelmann explains, why they feel more in tune with an artificially planned economic order.30. January 2020
The developments in China over the past four decades demonstrate: "The rich don't get rich at the expense of the poor." By Rainer Zittelmann in Forbes.21. January 2020

Erhard's insight that a market economy generates a fair real wage seems to have become increasingly overruled in the European Monetary Union, writes Gunther Schnabl in the Cato Journal.

15. January 2020
Chile's Economic Model Is a Success Story in Crisis-Prone South America. The root causes of Chile’s ongoing protests are still being hotly debated. 12. December 2019
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