Prof. Peter J. Boettke: Capitalism, Socialism and Our Future

Location: Haus der Industrie (Kleiner Festsaal)
Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1030 Wien
Date: 8. May 2023
Time: 18:30

The debate between capitalism and socialism is more topical than ever. Prof. Boettke (George Mason University, Fairfax, USA) will talk about the relevance of this debate for the future of capitalism, the market economy and liberal economic policy. • After the lecture on the podium: conversation of the speaker with Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Klausinger (WU Vienna). • Lecture and talk will be held in English. • Registration below (required), participation is free of charge.


Criticism of capitalism and the market economy has intensified over the last years in the wake of financial crises, rising wealth inequality and inflation. Influenced by this criticism, tendentially socialist solutions appear more and more attractive to many people. These are often perceived by a broad public as more “social” and promising greater stability.

On the background of this intensified conflict between free and state-regulated and planned economy, in this talk, Professor Boettke will revisit the classic debate between capitalism and socialism and update the discussion to address advances in technology as well as historical circumstances.  On the basis of that discussion, he will then discuss the relevance of the classic debate for the future of market capitalism and liberal economic policy.

The future of capitalism, the market economy and liberal economic policy depends crucially on this debate. If it is not conducted, our modern liberal democracies will find themselves flying blind with an uncertain destination.

Prof. Dr. Peter J. Boettke

Peter Boettke is Vice President for Advanced Study, Director of the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, as well as the BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, and a University Professor of Economics and Philosophy at George Mason University. He is also non-resident faculty at the Diplomatische Akademie Wien–Vienna School of International Studies.

Peter Boettke specializes in Austrian economics, economic history, institutional analysis, public choice, and social change. He has authored and coauthored 11 books, including his most recent, Living Economics, and is editor of the Review of Austrian Economics, series editor of the New Thinking in Political Economy book series, and coeditor of the Cambridge Studies in Economics, Choice, and Society.
From 2016-2018, Prof. Boettke served as president of the Mont Pelerin Society.

In 2010, the Wall Street Journal wrote about Peter Boettke:

“[Peter Boettke] is emerging as the intellectual standard-bearer for the Austrian school of economics that opposes government intervention in markets and decries federal spending to prop up demand during times of crisis. Mr. Boettke, whose latest research explores people’s ability to self-regulate, also is minting a new generation of disciples who are spreading the Austrian approach throughout academia, where it had long been left for dead.”

After the lecture: Panel

Discussion of the speaker with Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Klausinger (WU Vienna)

Bild: WU Wien

Hansjörg Klausinger is professor emeritus of Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). His research focuses on the history of 20th century economic theory, in particular the Austrian School. In recent years, he has mainly worked on Friedrich A. von Hayek.

Among other things, Prof. Klausinger edited two volumes each of the English-language and the German-language Collected Works of Hayek, which deal with the theory of money and the theory of the business cycle, respectively. He is also co-author (with Bruce Caldwell) of Hayek: A Life, 1899-1950, the new two-volume biography of Friedrich A. von Hayek, the first volume of which has been published by the University of Chicago Press in December 2022 (volume 2 is in preparation).

A buffet (finger food and drinks) will be served at the end of the event

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The lecture by Prof. Boettke will be held in English, as will the subsequent discussion with Prof. Hansjörg Klausinger (no simultaneous translation).

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